Breaking: Gulf Coast Sees First Case of ‘Flesh-Eating Bacteria’ This Season

Vibrio vulnificus bacteria
Vibrio vulnificus bacteria

A spokesperson for Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula, Mississippi confirms they’ve seen their first positive case of vibrio vulnificus this season. Vibrio is often referred to as the ‘flesh-eating bacteria’ because it can cause necrotizing wounds on the skin that can lead to amputation or in the most severe cases, loss of life.

According to a close friend, the patient was fishing near Souix Bayou over the weekend when he accidentally stuck himself with a shrimp. Several hours later he was taken to the hospital with a high fever, pain, and swelling in his finger.

Mark Bryant of the Mobile County Health Department said they haven’t seen any water-related cases in Mobile County yet, only two minor food-related cases.

News 5’s Emily Devoe will have breaking developments at 6:00.



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