Watch: FedEx Driver Caught On Camera Stealing Cash

INDEPENDENCE, MO (CNN) A FedEx driver stole money from a woman in Independence, Missouri, and security camera caught him in the act. “We spend lot of money to have things delivered so we trust them to deliver it,” says the victim who did not want to be identified.  The FedEx ground driver did make a delivery on Wednesday morning, but he also took something that wasn’t his. Surveillance video from the home security system shows the driver is seen picking up sixty dollars this mother left for her daughter under the doormat. “She passed him the FedEx man on the way and she pulled up 30 seconds later she comes up to the door and you can see her on camera lift up the mat and she knocked on the door because it wasn’t there,” said the homeowner.

“It was sad I mean we all struggle, we all go through hard times and sadly my daughter works really hard, she’s only 17, she works really hard for her money, I work really hard.” The girl’s father tracked and confronted the driver. The confrontation was also caught on camera, but the driver apologized and gave the money back.

In a statement today FedEx Ground said they expect “the highest levels of conduct from service providers and their employees,” adding they are reviewing this incident.The girl’s mother has since learned the driver has been fired because of the incident but, FeDex has not confirmed that. She also learned he was facing financial troubles because his wife is sick, “he has children he been working a lot to pick up the slack for that and i’m not saying what he did was right by any means but I understand what he did and I would like to talk to him and maybe help him out”

The family didn’t file a police report in this case, so no criminal charges are expected.

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