Overnight Storms Leave Behind Damage in Mobile County

GRAND BAY, AL (WKRG) — Strong storms swept through Mobile County overnight leaving areas damaged.  It wasn’t a major weather event though.  Most of the homeowners we spoke with who had damage said they slept right through it.  Fowl River Fire responded to a motor home that burned to the ground early this morning.  It could be weather related because the owner claimed it started with a lightning strike.

Some of the worst property damage was this barn along Ben Hamilton Road. Half the roof was torn off, all while the homeowner was sleeping.

“We didn’t know anything about that until this morning,” said Arvin Trotter.  Half of the roof ended up on the ground and the rest on top of the part that’s still standing.  To find storm damage around Mobile County, some days all you have to do is follow the Alabama Power trucks. I found crews working to get the lights back on around Glen Fitch Road.

“It was like a little hurricane came through, I wasn’t expecting it nor prepared for it,” said homeowner Rebecca Johnson.

High winds blew off part of a barn roof in Dawes area in West Mobile County.

A tree was blown over into the westbound lane of Savannah Street near South Washington Avenue.

Alabama Power responded to the scene at Noble Drive South and Noble Drive West where a tree limbs were down on the power line.

In Grand Bay, a mobile home off Rainbow Downs Road was significantly damaged. A News 5 viewer reports roof damage and a fence down around the mobile home.


In Mobile on Cottage Hill Road, crews worked to remove a large limb that fell.  Three of four lanes were blocked around 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning while crews used heavy equipment to move the limb.

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