Judge Denies Bond for Matthew Moberg in Case of Missing Teenager

22-year-old Matthew Moberg appears in court on Tuesday for charges stemming from the case of missing teenager Brian Parker.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – For the second time since his arrest last week, Matthew Moberg appeared in front of a judge in Mobile County for charges stemming from the case of missing teenager Brian Parker.

Judge Joe Basenberg denied Moberg bond and appointed him an attorney Tuesday in court. Moberg is being held on charges of attempting to elude, burglary second-degree, obstructing government operations, and felony probation violations.

Moberg was arrested last week after deputies went to his place of work to discuss the disappearance of 16-year-old Brian Parker when Moberg took off and ran. After hours of searching, deputies were able to locate Moberg in a residential area and were able to arrest him.

Tuesday, Moberg walked into court with a bandage on his arm from where the dog attacked him during the search. Deputies also told the judge that Moberg was the last person to see Parker before he went missing.

Moberg will remain in jail as the search for Brian Parker continues. Moberg is expected back in court on July 5 for a bench trial.

Moberg was on probation when he was arrested. In 2013, Moberg was convicted of several crimes including conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to kidnap, and receiving stolen property.


Brian Parker
Source: MCSO




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