Utah mother arrested for locking two children in trunk

RIVERDALE, Utah (CNN) — Utah police arrest a mother they say locked her two young children in the trunk of her car while she went inside a Walmart.
Two people heard noise from a car’s trunk in the Walmart parking lot Thursday evening.  The two soon realized the noise was coming from a child.
Heidi, one of the two people that heard noise said, “I started talking to little girl I could hear screaming. She was like ‘Mom, let me out let me out!! Mom!! Help!! She was screaming and crying.”
Heidi says she yelled back to help guide the girl to open the emergency latch from inside when she realized not one, but two kids were locked in that trunk.
“Both kids came out like jump spring loaded they just jumped out at us. One lady took the two year old I took the five year old. I was like, this can’t be what we’re finding” says Heidi.
As they waited for police the kids mom showed. The only explanation the mom had was that her babysitter did not show up.
Police arrested 39-year-old Tori Castillo on four counts of child abuse involving physical injury and one charge of theft.

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