Ask Danny: New Windows


It can be a very expensive topic for homeowners.  To see more home improvement advice check out Danny’s Website.  Here’s our conversation:

Chad: Well Danny I think this is a question any homeowner looking to spruce up their home would be looking for. This person is asking: I need new windows: what should I be looking for when shopping for them?

Danny: Oh boy, I’ll tell ya that is something people spend a lot of time on and can really be confused about and things have changed a lot, I mean the quality of windows, the security of windows so much better than they used to be but it all goes back to the budget. Now, one of the best windows that you can get is a wooden window that’s clad on the outside with aluminum. It’s called an aluminum clad type window or Vinyl Clad, Either way, those are heavy duty great substantial and they’re pretty proud of them so they’re going to charge you a good bit for them vinyl windows used to have quite a bad name. Because there were so many regional manufacturers of vinyl windows and the quality was all up and down some of them were really… they didn’t perform very well. Now with more of a national standard on vinyl windows that is a great option for your house, the thing about it is heat transfer, if you have a 30 degree night on the outside and you have a 70 degree, you’re trying to get 70 degrees inside that transfer of that cold is really bad on aluminum or metal windows they’re almost obsolete, there’s still people selling aluminum windows they won’t be around long. That will be something that will be phased out so my recommendation if the budget allows I would go with a vinyl clad wood window. If you have to cut back just a little bit still very nice homes have quality vinyl windows you can’t go wrong with vinyl windows. You have to have them double paned. You can choose for a little extra of the argon gas to be injected inside the pane so it will help a lot and they’ll last a long time with a vacuum seal and instillation is important it is a very important part of your house, make sure they’re installed properly.

Chad: What about windows with a low e coating where does that fall on the price range?

Danny: It’s only slightly more not very much at all it’s well worth it from that standpoint because again it’s a permanent installation in your home and that can be taken care of on retrofit windows the ability for someone to come in and measure your custom windows, go back spend a couple weeks to have them made coming back out many houses, they entire house can be replaced in just two days.

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