Two Troopers Released from Hospital after Involved Crash

PENSACOLA, FL (WKRG) — Two Florida Highway Patrol Troopers were released from Sacred HeartHospitall after an early morning traffic stop turned into a crash.

Florida Highway Patrol’s news release stated Trooper Sebastian Vo observed wrong way driver, Osman Hernandez, traveling northbound in the southbound lanes on US-29 and Murphy Lane around 3:00 a.m. Saturday.

Trooper Chad Lynch and an Escambia County Deputy arrived to the scene to assist.  Lynch and Vo initiated a DUI investigation on Mr. Hernandez when another traveler heading northbound on US-29 failed to yield to the Escambia County Patrol Vehicle.

After failing to yield, John Pluas reportedly crashed into the Escambia County Patrol Vehicle.

Florida Highway Patrol reports, Pluas collided with the rear of the unoccupied Patrol vehicle.  The Patrol vehicle was then pushed causing the front of it to collide with Trooper Vo’s vehicle injuring him.  Pluas’ car continued to travel when it collided with Trooper Lynch and Hernandez.

Trooper Lynch and Trooper Vo were transported to Sacred Heart Hospital where they were treated and later released.

Pluas was taken into custody and transferred to the Escambia County Jail after being released from the hospital.

Hernandez is currently under investigation for driving under the influence.

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