One Dead in Double Shooting in Downtown Mobile

St. Francis Street

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

One person is dead and another is recovering from a gunshot wound following a crime in downtown Mobile. The homicide happened just a stone’s throw from the heart of downtown.  One person shot to death outside a small apartment complex near 403  St. Francis Street. A second person was taken to the hospital. It’s a crime that’s rare downtown but always frightening.

“We’re always sad about that we live downtown, downtown safety is vital,” said Glen Vanderbeek who was walking his dog with his wife near the scene hours later.  While they’re both alarmed by what happened just hours early they both have a fairly good feeling about where they live.

“I walk all the time by myself and I’ve never approached by anyone I’m always by myself,” said Libba Vanderbeek.  Most of the people I spoke with said they feel generally safe in this neighborhood, some said more could be done.

“Particularly in the later hours I think that’s when we see most of the bad activity like this it’s definitely scary for something like that to happen so close to your home,” said Joseph Black who lives nearby.  One neighbor said she heard six gunshots around 2:30 this morning. A police spokesman said officers heard the gunshots too and also responded to a phone call. A lot of questions remain.

“Everything’s still under investigation in reference to what actually happened,” said MPD Spokesman Donald Wallace.  One of the scariest parts of this crime is that it happened just about a block away from Cathedral Square.  That’s near the center of the entertainment district and also just about a block away from MPD’s Dauphin Street precinct. Mobile police haven’t released information about any suspects or an arrest. No word yet on the condition of the second victim.

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