What’s Working: “Classy” Girls Treated to Tea Party and Pearls

In tonight’s What’s Working, we have a follow up to a What’s Working story we brought you a few weeks ago. We introduced you to a program for middle school girls at Williamson Prep School called, “Classy Girls Wear Pearls.” It’s a program that teaches the girls life skills and manners. After our story aired, some special things happened for the girls.

Employees at the Bragg Mitchell Mansion saw the girls being featured on News 5, and decided they wanted to host a tea party for them. CC’s Catering jumped on board and provided a nice spread of tea party food. Student, Kennedy Briggs, says this is the first time she has been to a tea party. “To the tea, to the hat, to the treats and the staff. They were awesome.” Lynn Stewart is the Executive Director of the Bragg Mitchell. “Here at the Bragg Mitchell, most of our events promote southern elegance, southern manners, and  southern hospitality. We feel programs like this fit right in with our mission to promote our southern manners. Manners are a lost art, and it’s great to have a program where they will have that background for the rest of their lives.”

The highlight of the tea came when Shelly Scott with Friedman’s Fine Jewelry gave each of the girls real pearl bracelets. Scott says, “We wanted to make a lasting impression of something that will last forever and a tangible reminder of things they can see and touch. We want them to know that people care. We love them. We are proud of whom they becoming.” Student, Mikyhla Sadler says, ” I have never owned pearls. I am very excited, and I will always treasure those pearls.”  The girls wear pearls every Wednesday during the school year as part of the program.

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