MPD Releases Findings After Officer Stabbing

Following a Public Records Request from News 5, the Mobile Police Department is releasing their findings of an internal investigation of an officer stabbing.

Officer Matthew Gargan sustained minor injuries after being stabbed with a pocket knife, by a female suspect at Mobile Infirmary Hospital on March 2.

Officials say Gargan was wearing Body Armor, preventing the attack from inflicting serious damage.

Danielle Weaver was charged with Assault 2nd Degree relating to the incident.

Immediately after the incident, the department launched the investigation looking into the circumstances around the stabbing.

“Mobile Police Department has concluded that no policies or procedures were violated by Officer Gargan and he remains on duty with our Department,” said Chief Lawrence Battiste in a statement to News 5.

We also inquired how Weaver obtained the knife.

Police officials say Weaver was searched by officers while being taken into custody, at which time they did not find a knife. Investigators believe she may have concealed the weapon in her genitalia.

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