Watch: Woman Fights Off Car Thief at Gas Pump


Pumping gas one minute, fighting off car thieves the next. A Wauwatosa, Wisconsin woman is sharing the incredible video of the entire incident


Melissa Smith says when thieves tried to steal her car at the BP gas station near Milwaukee’s third ward Tuesday she fought back, jumping on the hood , “I had the thought in my head. Do I go after my purse or do I stop my car? And the price tag of my car flashed through my head.”

At first she didn’t see the Cadillac pull up and the car thief crouch down and get behind the wheel of her car, “didn’t see him til I saw him get into my car, someone was in my car. And my, ‘oh hell this isn’t happening to me today’ moment. Terry – Did he look at you? Melissa – He looked at me and he laughed at me which really irritated me.”

Thief behind the wheel, Melissa on the hood, you see the thief slam on the brakes twice. Melissa wasn’t budging, “he was laughing while I was on my car and he was trying to throw me off. So zero remorse.” She admits she didn’t think about the danger of jumping on the hood until afterwards.  The thief eventually gave up, jumped out of her car and took off. “Which isn’t the smartest and safest thing. But it was my, I went with my instinct. Yeah,” she admits. The thief did get  her purse, iphone, and wallet.


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