Local Lawsuit Takes Aim at Iran

FILE: AP Photo

PENSACOLA, FL (WKRG) — Injured veterans and their families, and families of servicemen and contractors killed in Iraq have filed a lawsuit against Iran.

The lawsuit cites the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act that allows U.S. victims of terror attacks committed abroad to seek damages in the U.S. courts from state-sponsors of terror.

The lawsuit alleges that during the peacekeeping phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iran recruited, trained, and financed Iraqi terrorists, providing explosive devices and paying bounties to terrorists who killed U.S. civilians and soldiers.

The Pensacola-based law firm Levin, Papantonio is one of six law firms involved.  They say the litigation hopes to fill a void left by the government.

“These are families, hugely military, that have lost loved ones,” said Mike Papantonio, the representing attorney.  “[They] have loved ones who have lost arms and legs, all in the name of a peacekeeping process, not soldiering, but peacekeeping.”

Nine European banks have already pleaded guilty to illegally providing billions of dollars to Iran during the Iraq war in violation of international financial sanctions.

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