Improving Surf Conditions Along Baldwin County Beaches Memorial Day Weekend



GULF SHORES, AL (WKRG) —- You may feel like the “King of the World” in the Gulf of Mexico but, trouble can find you before you know it. “This is open water,” says city spokesman Grant Brown. “It’s the Gulf of Mexico and conditions can change quickly.”

That’s why lifeguards are constantly watching, searching. But, they can’t be everywhere. “This type of water is not similar to a lake or a river system that they might be more used to swimming in. So, it’s a little bit different when you get these heavy currents and surf conditions, the undertow’s and rip currents.”

Thousands will be crowding the beaches this holiday weekend and it’s not just the water you have to be concerned with. “Make sure you know where your children are,” says Brown. “Make sure they don’t get lost. They are in the water and they get pulled a little further down than where their towel is they may not remember where to go to get back to you.”

The Gulf can be a little piece of paradise but it can also be your worse nightmare.

Yellow flags are expected to be up through the holiday weekend with one to two-foot seas and a low risk of rip currents.

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