MPD Celebrates Etoe’s Capture with Meme, Ask Him: “Top Bunk or Bottom Bunk?”

Darius Thames, aka “Etoe Da Shooter”

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — The morning after capturing the boisterous “Etoe Da Shooter,” Mobile Police are firing back on Facebook.

In a statement released on the MPD Cyber Intelligence Facebook Page, investigators said they kept their promise to capture Darius Thames, nicknamed “Etoe Da Shooter,” after he spent days taunting and mocking police on Facebook for their inability to capture him:

“We kept our promise and and allowed him first dibs on top or bottom bunk! He decided to go with the top bunk!!! Awesome choice Etoe!!! You also made the comment on our previous post, in the comment section, saying “ni ni boo boo you can’t catch me!!” Again we kept our promise and got you!!!”

Thames was wanted for armed robbery and eluded police for days before he was finally captured Tuesday evening in Mobile.  Thames smiled and was joyful during his perp walk on the way to Mobile Metro Jail, claiming his innocence and appeared to be unaware what crime he was arrested for.

The meme posted Wednesday morning by MPD Cyber Intelligence on Facebook, celebrating “Etoe’s” capture.

“I know nothin’ about no murder,” Thames said with a huge grin as he was escorted by officers to the squad car. “I know nothin’ about no robbery.”

“They did their job, they caught me, but I ain’t do nothin’.”

MPD Cyber Intelligence took a page out of Etoe’s playbook by celebrating his capture with a Facebook meme that reads, “My look when “Etoe” said ni ni boo boo you can’t catch me, and then MPD caught him!!!”

Thames was booked on a first-degree robbery charge, and an added charge for Certain Persons Forbidden to Possess a Firearm. He is being held at Mobile Metro Jail on no bond.

Officers also arrested Tameka Loreda Bonner with first-degree Hindering Prosecution.

“She thought it would be a smart idea to pick him up from the scene and try to help him escape apprehension!! She is still being held at Mobile County Metro Jail,” says MPD Cyber Intelligence.


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