Live Traffic Blog

6:55 a.m.- The number of people driving on the roadways of picked up over the last few minutes but still moving along nicely on the bayway and Causeway and no problems to the tunnels a new accident there on the West Side Howell’s Ferry at Schillinger Road. Mobile Police headed the scene. It does involve injuries. Another accident there Three Notch Road at McDonald Road being reported as well. No problems coming down I-65 in the Pensacola area new hit-and-run crash Mobile Highway at West Michigan Avenue Florida Highway Patrol on the scene.

6:35 a.m.- Good news as you’re waking up and making your way out on the roadways this morning here on this Wednesday, things are looking good if you need to take the Bayway or Causeway. Both directions flowing along freely with no problems.  Looking good through both tunnels as well. In Mobile the traffic light is out there and officers are directing traffic at Cottage Hill at the West I-65 Service Road. So expect a little delay there.  No problems coming down I-65.  In Pensacola a new accident I-110 northbound ramp to I-10 westbound. We’ve got a fender bender there and Florida Highway Patrol is on the scene.

6:06 a.m.- It’s a pretty good-looking start as far as traffic goes here on your Wednesday morning.  We’re accident and delay free crossing both directions of the Bayway and Causeway. Through both tunnels we’re moving along smoothly as well. Mobile police on the scene of the traffic light not functioning there at Cottage Hill Road at the West I 65 Service Road.  They are there to help direct traffic until it gets taken care of. No problems though I-10 to I-65 and in Pensacola, Pensacola Police reporting no new accidents.

5:55 a.m. Taking a look at your early Wednesday morning commute, if you need to get out on the roadways over the next few minutes and on the Bayway and Causeway both directions flowing along nicely with the traffic volume picking up just a little bit headed towards Mobile. Both tunnels are accident free. In Mobile we’ve got a report that the traffic light is out Cottage Hill Road at the West I 65 Service Road South.  If it is on the blink, Mobile Police are headed the scene to try and direct traffic and get that taken care of.  In Pensacola Florida Highway Patrol on the scene of an earlier accident in North 57th Avenue and West Jackson Street in West Pensacola. The roadway is blocked at this time.

5:35 a.m.- Looking at your roadways here on this early Wednesday and good news crossing the Bayway and Causeway, we see no problems or major delays right now.  Moving along smoothly with light traffic volume both directions looking good through the tunnels. In Mobile, Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol reporting no accidents. Looking good on I-65 @ I-10. In Pensacola on the West side a new accident has occurred North 57th Avenue at West Jackson Street. The roadway is blocked there and Florida Highway Patrol is on the scene.

5:06 a.m.- If your schedule takes you out on the roadways here on this early Wednesday, good news; things are flowing along nicely right now on the Bayway and Causeway with light traffic volume. No major problems or delays either direction and we’re looking good through both the Bankhead and George Wallace tunnel. In Mobile, Mobile Police in Alabama Highway Patrol reporting no accidents to start off your commute and we’re moving along well through Baldwin County. No issues in Pensacola as well.

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