Early Morning Fire Under Investigation

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Mobile Fire officials are still trying to figure out what started an early morning house fire in midtown Mobile in the 500 Block of George Street. No one was hurt but this small bit of destruction may point to a larger blight problem.  This fire was called in just before five this morning. Investigators don’t believe anyone was living here on a regular basis–but there were signs it was being used.  They found a mattress on the floor and the back door was open. It appears the fire started on the porch.

“There’s a possibility it could have been accidental there’s also a possibility it could have been set we have some evidence to analyze that could tell us one way or the other,” said MFRD Spokesman Steve Huffman.  While no one was physically hurt, Ariel Williams is emotionally hurt.  This is the home she says she grew up in. She doesn’t like to see the damage but has few words for the neighborhood

“There’s nothing but drugs down here and people complain but a majority of these folks down here do drugs, it’s hell, if you’re down here it’s hell,” said Williams.  Neighbors say this fire adds to the empty homes here that can be a magnet for problems.

“If you’re not known down here you walk down here at night you’re looking to get robbed,” said Williams.  Neighbors hope something can be done to turn some of these properties around.


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