Community Helps School Replace Instruments Lost in a Fire

Wednesday was a celebration for members of the Workman Middle School orchestra.

“All the music vendors that came out, to support us, we’ve had large donations from Yamaha, in instruments, and it’s just been amazing,” says David Schmidt of Schmidt Music and Repair.

This after a lightning strike hit their brand new classroom earlier this month, causing a fire.

“We just stood here in awe, and just cried,” says Workman Middle School Orchestra teacher, Christen Frierdich.

After going through burned music sheets and losing over $20,000 in musical instruments, the orchestra is thankful the community has come together to help students continue to make beautiful music.

“I drove up to the school to access the damage, and it was traumatic, and it was nothing left,” says Schmidt.

Seeing nothing left inspired sponsors like Schmidt and Yamaha to donate instruments to fill the room with the sound of music again.

“So between the two of us, we’ve had six violins, two cello, and an upright bass, and a key board so we are feeling good,” says Schmidt.

For second generation music teacher Christina, she says the room was more than just the place where she taught her children musical scales, and great conductors.

“This isn’t just a job for me, I was a member of the orchestra when I was a student here at Workman, and my father was my teacher. So i inherited his 34 years, so it was like losing my home,” says Frierdich.

But now they’re feeling good, and ready to put a bow to strings.

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