Gulf Shores Police Nab Florida Man in Multiple Hangout Thefts, Again

Outside of the Hangout Music Festival, all kinds of people were waiting to get in but one guy caught the eye of police. “Really suspicious behavior on his part led some officers to watch him.”

Officers kept an eye on 32-year-old Kiel Thomas Sheppard from Newport, Florida.

“They are pretty slick at the way they go about it,” says Sgt. Jason Woodruff with Gulf Shores Police.

According to police, he was working the crowd, selling wristbands but not just any wristband. “It was vendor wristbands and staff wristbands and in the wrong hands it could allow someone into, or in any hands, it could allow someone into a secure area,” says Woodruff.

Valued at more than 14 thousand dollars, Hangout officials say they were stolen from the box office earlier in the week but they never reported the theft.

But that’s not all Sheppard is accused of. Police say that’s him in the Surf Style store Saturday night, filling his pockets with Oakley sunglasses. “They did a consent search of his vehicle and there’s two dozen pair of Oakley sunglasses.”

This isn’t Sheppard’s first run in with the law. Gulf Shores arrested him last year on similar charges and so did Pennsylvania authorities. “There’s a lot of this stuff that goes on right outside and it was a good catch,” says Woodruff.

Not only does Sheppard face theft and receiving stolen property charges, he also had counterfeit money according to police. Federal authorities are looking into that part of the investigation.

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