Group gives out bike helmets following tragedy

Today, there were smiles all around the media center at Hellen Caro Elementary School, despite what students have been through the last week.

“To help honor Lily, we were contacted the community traffic safety team, and they wanted to make sure each one of our students were outfitted with a helmet for summer safety,” says Sandy Moore, Principal at Hellen Caro Elementary School.

All 842 students were professionally fitted and given a helmet — almost free of charge — to ride safely during summer vacation.

All in honor of their classmate, 10-year-old Delilgha Rosa-Clark, who lost her life while riding her bike on the way to school Thursda. It happened at the intersection of Merlin Road and Oak View Drive.

Neighbors believe she was not wearing a helmet.

“Being a mother, you know when something happened like that we all internalize it because we have kids, so we know there is a concern for every parent here,” says Zakkiyyah Osuigwe, Vice Chair of Escambia Santa Rosa Traffic Safety Team. “Every parent felt what that mother felt.”

So, to keep from tragedy striking twice, volunteers, parents, and school administrators came together to help the kids ride safely.

“To know that every kid has a helmet that has been professionally fitted to their head, I feel safer,” says Kristy Zorda, a parent of a student at Caro. “I know they feel safer so I think the importance of helmets is something everybody should know.”

The safety team got most of the helmets for free. The helmets for kindergartners were paid for by the PTA.

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