Fundraiser to Help Student With Downs Pay for College

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – News 5 told you about Keith Griffith, a local student with Down Syndrome who was recently accepted to a college program at the University of South Alabama. The emotional video of his acceptance letter went viral. He was elated about his acceptance. But recently he got some bad news, a grant his family was counting on to pay for the program fell through. So, his teacher is stepping in to help and is asking for help from others.

According to a post on the fundraising website GoFundMe:

When Keith’s mother’s video of him opening his acceptance letter went viral, people from all over the world reached out to congratulate him. Keith’s family applied for a grant in March and Keith’s mother told me that without the grant, there would be no way that they could afford to send him to college. Unfortunately, they received a letter today stating that they did not receive the grant money. His family was devastated. This GoFundMe is the last option for Keith to be able to afford college. The Passage USA program will teach Keith the Life Skills and Job Skills needed to gain more future independence. Please, please consider donating any amount to help Keith’s dream of attending college come to life.

If you’d like to help, you can find the fundraiser by clicking here.


Who can forget the excitement that comes from ripping open your college acceptance letter?

Well, Keith Griffith’s reaction to his letter was all caught on camera,  and the video is going viral along the Gulf Coast with hundreds of people commenting with their “congratulations.”

The video has been viewed more than 50,000 times since Griffith’s mom posted the video on Facebook Thursday morning to show his teachers.

In the video, Griffith, who has down syndrome, finds out he was accepted into Passage USA’s certificate program for the fall and immediately gave his mom a big hug.

PASSAGE USA is a new program at the University of South Alabama for students with intellectual disabilities that focuses on gaining employment, independent living skills, etc.

There’s no telling what he’ll accomplish at South Alabama. After all, he graduated from Satsuma High School in 2016 where he was prom king, captain of the bowling team, and even played football for the high school’s little league.

Way to go Griffith! You’ll want to catch the full story including an interview with Griffith and his mom tonight at News 5 at 5!




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