Mobile Fugitive Goes on Facebook Live to Taunt Officers


A man wanted for robbery continues to taunt officers as he eludes Mobile Police. This time the suspect is using Facebook Live.

Officers have been looking for Darius Thames since April 8 when they say he robbed a man at gunpoint on Saint Stephens Road.

Last week Detectives posted on Facebook that they were looking for Thames, who goes by “Etoe da Shooter” on Facebook.

On the MPD Cyber Intelligence Page Officers said ” ‘Etoe’ we are coming for you!! We will even let you have first dibs on top bunk or bottom bunk!!!!”

“Etoe” even posted in the comments section “…Catch me if you Can.”

Thus far “Etoe” has eluded capture, and on Sunday posted a nearly 20 minute Facebook Live video taunting police. Making claims that he watched officer raid a relative’s home and that he will stay a step ahead of the police.

Last week police said they were confident that they were closing in on the suspect.

“He’s just on borrowed time,” said Officer Donald Wallace. “It’s just a matter of time before his luck runs out.”

News 5’s Allen Carter is tracking “Etoe” and his taunts. What he’s uncovered on News 5 at 10.

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