Almost 200 Arrests at Hangout Music Festival

Nothing good ever began with the phrase “Hold My Beer” and according to Gulf Shores Police, there’s a good reason.

During the music festival, with all those people crowding the beachfront, they say a man walked into the Surf Style store on the festival grounds and took three thousand dollars worth of Oakley sunglasses. A photo taken from security cameras show what appears to be a hand full of glasses and police say his pockets were full. Most of the expensive eyewear has now been recovered.

There were almost two hundred arrests made over the three-day music festival. The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office arrested around 100. The majority of those for drugs. Gulf Shores police locked up 71. That’s up from 2016’s 61 arrests.

Cell phones were also the target of pickpockets. But if a large number were stolen they didn’t report it to authorities according to Major Anthony Lowery with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. “Not nearly the number that’s been put out there. There were some but not the numerous cases they were talking about.”

The focus now, putting Hangout to bed for another year, getting it all torn down and moved off the beach. The official start of the summer season is just days away.

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