A Season to Remember for the Troy Trojans

Troy football coach Neal Brown just finished conference meetings in Point Clear, before he left the area he made it a point to stop by the Senior Bowl to lobby for his outstanding senior quarterback, Brandon Silvers, who just happens to be out of Gulf Shores High school.

 Coach Brown: “he’s a guy who I think can be a drafted quarterback, he is really deserving of playing in this game in front of home crown, hopefully in January.”

 Coach Brown highlighted this year’s schedule by starting with a trip to LSU, but it’s October  11th,  that has his interest too — that’s when they play South Alabama on ESPB 2 on a Wednesday night.

 Brown, “we are going to play a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this year, along with 9 Saturday’s, so anytime you can get your program in front of a national audience is going to be huge.”

 The Sun Belt has added a championship game starting in 2018,  so coach Brown feels the conference is on the rise for more publicity.

 Brown, ” well last year we did a lot of firsts,  which is saying something when you’ve been playing football for over a hundred years, we had a 10-win season for the first time in FBS, we got ranked in the top 25 for the first time in school history, first time in Sun Belt history, set a school attendance record and  had the biggest turnaround in all of college football last year.”

 Troy’s been playing football for a long time, but still hasn’t played Alabama or Auburn, who will be the first smaller instate school to get a date at Jordan hare or Bryant Denny?

 Coach Brown, ” I think it will probably take some legislative initiative to get it done, we would welcome the opportunity to play at Alabama or Auburn.”

 Randy Patrick, Do you think you are first in line over the others?

 Coach: I don’t know, I  don’t know, we would welcome the opportunity.”

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