Flood Damage in Saraland


Saraland Police sent a news release saying they are monitoring the situation and crews are working to clean up debris.

Yesterday, Saraland experienced an extraordinary flooding event with 7.15 inches of rain falling in a 2.5 hour period at the heart of the city. This extreme rainfall resulted in homes being flooded and streets rendered impassible. Saraland Public Safety immediately responded with evacuation of several stranded residents and shelters were opened at Shiloh Baptist Church and the Saraland Saferoom. Saraland Public Works Department had crews out placing barricades and diverting traffic from flooding streets. Fortunately, no deaths or serious injuries occurred. The city sympathizes with those who suffered damage to their homes and property. City crews are currently out clearing debris from drainageways with more rainfall expected today. The city will be having their engineering staff examine this event closely and determine whether anything can be done proactively to prevent flooding when this intense a weather event occurs. Anyone who suffered home flooding is asked to call city hall tomorrow (251) 675-5103 and notify us so we can concentrate on these areas. In the event immediate assistance is needed, please call the Saraland Police at (251) 675-5331.

Saraland PD News Release



SARALAND, AL (WKRG) — Saturday night saw heavy rain that caused flooding in places like Saraland.

News 5’s Chad Petri went live on Facebook from Saraland to show some of the damage.

Crystal Brannan says, “When we first opened it last night there was stuff floating everywhere.”


Brannan called the fire department to turn off the power so they would not lose any more electronic appliances.


Chad is still surveying the damage and will have more on News 5 tonight at 5:00 and 10:00.

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