Faith Time: Ascension of Jesus

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Bishop Robert King from Chuncula Apostolic Ministries joins us to talk about the Ascension of Jesus.  Here’s a look at our conversation:
Chad: This week many churches will be observing Jesus Ascension. What is that story in the Bible?

Bishop Robert King: The ascension takes place on Jesus’ 40th day on earth after he had risen from the dead. On that day, as he was assembled with his apostles and some other disciples, he gave them some instructions to go to Jerusalem and to wait for the promise of the Father. After he had given instructions and answered some of their questions, Jesus was taken up, or ascended, into the clouds and out of their sight. As the people watching saw Jesus ascend into the heavens, they stood in amazement. Two angels then appeared and informed them that witnessed the ascension that Jesus will come back again in like manner.

Chad: Why was it important for Jesus to Ascend rather than just live out his earthly life?

Bishop Robert King: Jesus living out His life on earth was never the goal. The purpose of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection were to redeem mankind from sin. Jesus fulfilled His part of the salvation process by shedding innocent blood for the sins of mankind. The next part of the plan is for man to receive Christ’s spirit and to live a life dedicated to God. If we do that then Jesus is still living on earth through us.

Chad: What was the disciple’s reaction to the ascension?

Bishop Robert King: As with almost anything, there were some that heard Jesus’ instructions and witnessed the ascension and were excited, faithful followers. They went to Jerusalem and waited for the promise of the Father, which is the Holy Ghost. There were others that saw the ascension and were excited in the moment but eventually returned to their normal ways of living.

Chad: What are the important lessons in this?

Bishop Robert King: One of the lessons in this is that everyone must be persuaded in their own minds to follow Christ. And to follow Him, it takes a personal commitment. It’s a commitment to God’s will and to His purpose for our individual lives. True commitment happens when a person is fully persuaded by the message of Christ.

Chad: Good-byes are hard but why is this supposed to be a joyful good-bye?

Bishop Robert King: This good-bye was different in that Jesus told them that He would not leave them comfortless, that He would come to them. And although Jesus was absent in body form. He was ever so present in Spirit. It wasn’t so much as a “good-bye” as it was an “I’ll see you soon”.

Chad: How were the disciples able to take this newly formed church and make it into something that was spread around the world?

Bishop Robert King: The spreading of the church did not come without major opposition. But the apostles were determined to spread the message of God’s love for mankind and redemption of mankind. And once others were able to experience Christ for themselves, they joined forces with the apostles in spreading the message. And now centuries later, people are yet experiencing Christ in such a way that they become convinced of the message and become faithful witnesses of the saving power of God.

Mr. King also sent us this image.  He snapped it on a recent trip from Florida. “I was flying back from South Florida and just looking out the window. I took the first picture. Then I prayed and said, “God, this is your territory up here, show me something”. I was asking God to show me something that I wouldn’t normally see.”


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