BREAKING: Suspect Dead Following RV Park Standoff

Gulf Shores, AL (WKRG)

One man is dead following a standoff with Gulf Shores Police. Authorities say it appears he killed himself after barricading himself inside an RV at a park on Fort Morgan Road.

It started late Sunday night.  A man was threatening to kill himself by lighting himself on fire barricaded himself inside an RV at the Island Retreat RV park.  Police said they saw evidence of fire damage on the RV and the suspect had a weapon.  

“In any situation, not just this one where someone wants to do harm to themselves you have to go slowly you don’t want to force their hand,” said GSPD Lt. Bill Cowan.  Campers at the park saw police as they tried to bring this to an end.  

“We heard there was some commotion in the back someone tried to kill himself, the police were here,” said Hangout Festival Attendee Armik.  Some campers spending the night here after the last night of the hangout festival mistook the police action for some kind of raid.  “We were all very tired coming back from the festival, said Ryan Tatusko from Georgia.  “The first reaction was we were all pretty freaked out seeing all the cops we didn’t know what was going on.   It was pretty scary when you hear something like that is going on it will freak you out for sure.”  Gulf Shores Police say when they finally entered the RV the man was already dead.  

The subject was dead when we made entry. Unknown cause of death at this time. Possible suicide situation. Detectives are investigating. No other injuries. –e-mail from GSPD’s Jason Woodruff 

Gulf Shores Police haven’t released the name of the man involved in the standoff.  Police are still investigating.  



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