Midtown Fancy Gardening

Today’s Plain Gardening takes you to a beautiful spot in Midtown Mobile, one of the nine gardens that are in the Gallery of Gardens benefiting Mobile Botanical Gardens this weekend.  Gallery of Gardens is an annual event, and this year Bill says the theme is finding spaces for gardens in places you never expected.

We’re in the Japanese garden section of Vaughan Drinkard’s garden off Government street.  This area was an overgrown lot not long ago.  Now it’s a spectacular garden that starts at Government street and extends in a narrow strip through almost an entire city block.  The Japanese garden is near the back.

Gardening Expert Bill Finch says this beautiful garden includes a diverse collection of plants, including Japanese magnolias, Japanese maples, Lotus, water lilies, a Queen Emma lily, and lots of native plants, too.  Vaughan Drinkard also has incorporated many of his father’s famous camellias.

Fountains and courtyards complete the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.  Bill says all of the gardens in this year’s Gallery of Gardens experiment with space in interesting ways…and you can learn a lot.  That’s the point: enjoy the stunning beauty of people’s gardens while learning how they did it and considering things may want to do in your yard.

All of this year’s gardens are in midtown and downtown Mobile, so they deal not only with issues of space but also of shade.

This is just a part of one garden…and there are eight more in the Gallery of Gardens that starts right now and runs through Saturday.  Learn more and get tickets online at mobilebotanicalgardens.org.  Proceeds benefit Mobile Botanical Gardens.

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