Crawfish Bill Passes, Covers City of Mobile Boils

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

You can call it a crawfish compromise. The legislation, originally proposed by state representative Margie Wilcox earlier in the legislative session, does manage to pass. HB 528 makes it through the legislature, on to the governor’s desk.  The governor may likely sign that bill. It would remove the ability of the health department from regulating temporary food events like crawfish boils and other events hosted by places that don’t normally serve food.

The legislation has compromises in it to ensure passage. The latest version of the bill includes a requirement to have a food handler’s license, a plan to dispose of waste and a hand-washing station. State Representative Margie Wilcox says this is her chance to preserve a piece of Mobile heritage after some confusion and the shutdown of some boils by the health department.

“Really my intent was to protect the flavor of Mobile Alabama. Getting together, sharing food and loving are part of Mobile’s traditions,” said State Representative Margie Wilcox.  Initially, the Mobile County Health Department came out against this legislation. In a recent statement, they now say this bill won’t hinder their ability to keep people safe.

As always, our aim is to promote, improve and protect the health of those who live, work and play in Mobile County, Alabama. We believe this legislation does not disrupt our ability to achieve that mission. Our sincere thanks for all the hard work put forth by various individual leaders, food industry representatives, local, state and federal food safety officials.


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