Resident: Speed Leading To Too Many Accidents, Deaths on Cottage Hill Road


“This one here was a girl in a white SUV that was texting when she came down the highway,” says David Massey, pointing out a patch job in the brick sign at the front of Moss Creek Court.

David Massey lives on Moss Creek Court at probably the most dangerous part of Cottage Hill Road. In the past three years, he’s seen at least 10 accidents right in his backyard, including the motorcycle accident that happened on Mother’s Day.

That Sunday, witnesses on the scene say the motorcycle was racing a car down the hill. They believe he was doing at least 70 when his bike hit the curb, throwing the rider into the fence. You can see remnants of his bike and medical equipment left behind.

Billy Reed was driving behind the motorcycle seconds before it crashed. They were both at the Hillcrest stop light.

“He took off real fast and we were wondering what was going on, he was kind of weaving in and out of traffic,” says Reed.

Reed came up on him after he hit the curb going into the turn.

“And his body was in that fence over there so another guy and myself, we pulled him out, took his helmet off and he was unconscious at the time for a few minutes,” says Reed.

We learned Wednesday that the rider passed away due to complications from that wreck.

Massey says there have been so many accidents here where people have hit these brick signs, that after a while, folks here started saving the bricks from the wrecks and holding them in reserve, just in case to replace the signs next time.

We asked Police Chief Lawrence Battiste about the issue.

“What I’d like to do is take some time to pull the stats on incidents that we’ve had in that area and sit down and have a conversation about some of the things that we can probably do from a public safety standpoint,” says Battiste.

“The fact that it’s happened and happened so often is the problem,” says Massey.

Massey has written to the city council, even talked with a traffic engineer. At one point, they put out signs making people aware of their speed, but that obviously has not worked. He also suggested rumble strips, but a traffic engineer said with the speed limit here being 40 miles an hour, that just wouldn’t be feasible. We’ll follow this story and bring you any updates.

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