Fewer Arrests at Hangout Music Festival, So Far

Thousands packed the main public beach in Gulf Shores. “My friends go every year,” said an excited Abby Jacobs. “This is the first year I get to go I’m so excited.”

For the most part, everyone has been behaving themselves pretty well according to Major Anthony Lowery with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. “Things have been fairly quiet. The number of arrests seem to be down as compared to other years.”

A few hours after the festival opened, less than a dozen arrests. Most of them drug related according to Lowery. “We’ve actually had some arrests for cocaine, molly, ecstasy, those sort of things, LSD. Things we don’t normally see in Baldwin County on a routine basis.”

The vast majority though are here for a good time with friends, their favorite artists and of course the beach.

“We’re excited about a big weekend.” Every festival-goer moving and grooving to the music represents a huge economic impact for the city according to spokesman Grant Brown. “30 million something dollars of economic impact. It’s a big money producer but even more, it gets the word out to a lot of the country and the world that Alabama has beaches.” And you can’t put a price tag on that.

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