State of the City and County Address in Mobile

It’s that time of year again; the annual state of the city and county address where the Mayor, County Commission, and Chamber of Commerce point out the highlights from the past years and goals for the future.

For years Mobile’s been called the city of perpetual potential, always surrounded by growth but never quite able to capitalize on it.  During Wednesday’s address, Mayor Sandy Stimpson said that’s certainly not the case anymore

“What people are seeing in their neighborhoods, what they’re hearing about new jobs being created, it’s just got Mobilians fired up. And, ultimately when they fall back in love with the city, it’ll be hard to predict what’ll happen,” Stimpson said.

This year the city reduced blight about 12%, broke ground on the Three Mile Creek Greenway, opened Mardi Gras Park, welcomed back Carnival Cruise Line, and received a major grant to begin redesigning Broad Street.

The mayor says the biggest challenge they’ve faced this year is improving public safety.
“There are so many people with no hope they’ll get a job, so they take a different path. So we’ve got to do is bridge that,” Stimpson said.

During her State of the County address, County Commission President Merceria Ludgood told the crowd the State of the County is stable, with three million dollars going to park upgrades and the huge success of the Pay-As-You-Go program that will bring new upgrades to several roads in the county.

“Now we’re going to be able to do our Zeigler Boulevard for example. Some of those throughough fares, some of those major connectors that have needed service for so long,” Ludgood said.

Ludgood said that even though the State of the County is good, she worries that cuts at the federal level could have a direct negative impact on the county because they rely heavily on federal dollars.

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