Deadly Storms Tear Through the Midwest

(CBS) A string of deadly storms tore through the middle of the country, devastating several communities. So far, 26 tornadoes have been reported across five states.

Video captured from above a trailer park in Wisconsin shows the power of what is believed to be a tornado.  “We pulled walls off of people, carried them, put them on stretchers, leg injuries, arm injuries. It’s nothing I’ve ever seen in my 20 plus years in law enforcement,” says Chris Fitzgerald with the Barron County Sheriff’s Department. Downed power lines, trees cut off at their trunks,  and a massive field of debris has littered the neighborhood many call home. One person died at the trailer park.”These are people we work with we go to school with and they are friend and neighbors,” said Fitzgerald

In Elk City, Oklahoma a tornado tore through a subdivision. At least 100 structures were damaged and more than 50 destroyed. Elk city Mayor Bill Helton said “the devastation was… it’s hard to explain! It looks like some of the homes just exploded and some looked like they’d been blown apart by high winds.”

The winds tossed busses and trucks lot like matchbox cars. Reports of people trapped in their homes kept rescue crews busy overnight. A 53 year old man was killed after his car was thrown several hundred feet, pinning him between his vehicle and his home.


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