Fishermen Vs. Fishermen? The Protest Over Red Snapper Season Causes Controversy

Are There Enough Red Snapper Fish to Extend Season? (Image 2)

Both charter and recreational fishermen say they are both upset over the red snapper season being cut short, but charter fishermen tell News 5, if recreational fishermen protest here June 4th it will become an even bigger problem.

It is the talk of the dock among recreational and charter fishermen, a protest, planned after the 3-day federal red snapper season ends on June 4th at Perdido Pass.

“That’s the great thing about our country, is they have the right to protest as long as they peacefully protest, you know I fully whole heartedly support them,” says Charter Boat Captain, Bobby Kelly.

“There’s nothing wrong with a protest as long as it doesn’t mess with commerce or cause anybody unsafe conditions,” says Kyle Hayes Recreational Fisherman.

But many charter fishermen contend if the protest blocks the Perdido Pass, where they work, it will cause an issue.

“I hope they don’t block the pass, you know ere just out here working making a living trying to provide a living for our families, my gut feeling is they aren’t going to block the pass,” says Kelly.

This was the scene at a council meeting in orange beach last week, where fishermen all voiced their opinion and the city ended up issuing a proclamation against the 3-day season.

But for now, the season is set and come June 4th, everyone is hoping there is a peaceful assembly of charter and recreational fishermen.

“We’ve got to get the message to the fishery council to the politicians, fishermen don’t need to fight against fishermen,” says Hayes.

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