Rescued Seahorse “Cheeto” Becoming Viral Sensation in Florida

CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — The Clearwater Marine Aquarium rescued, and is now rehabilitating, one lucky seahorse.

The little seahorse, named “Cheeto”, is safe and getting stronger every day thanks to the quick actions of a little girl and her mother.

While enjoying a day at Indian Shores Beach, in Pinellas County, a seagull dropped what looked like a cheeto at a little girl’s feet. After realizing it was a seahorse, her mom called CMA for help.

A CMA Rescue Team volunteer then brought the lucky seahorse to the aquarium.

After an intense week of care, Cheeto, who was identified as a female orange lined seahorse, started eating grass shrimp.

CMA said Cheeto now appears to be recovering nicely and when she is strong enough, Cheeto will be released back home into the wild.

“The level and amount of care we are providing Cheeto is indicative of the serious commitment and passion that CMA has for all marine life,” said CEO David Yates. “Each creature is important to us, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to rehabilitate Cheeto.”

Cheeto can be viewed on the “Cheeto Cam” until its release back home.

Watch Cheeto Live now on WFLA News Channel 8’s Facebook page.

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