BREAKING: Man Killed by Baldwin County Deputy on I-10 Wasn’t Armed with Gun

BALDWIN COUNTY, AL (WKRG) — The Louisiana man shot and killed by a Baldwin County Sheriff’s Deputy on Interstate 10 Friday evening was not carrying a firearm.

Sheriff Hoss Mack held a press conference Monday afternoon and confirmed that Jonathan Victor wasn’t holding or carrying a gun when a single deputy opened fire.  “There was no gun found,” according to Mack.  “There was no gun found on his person or during a subsequent search of the vehicle. There was not a gun found.”

On Friday evening, Mack says deputies were called to the scene of an accident on Interstate-10 near the Alabama-Florida state line.  Medical and fire units had already responded to the scene.

Mack says Victor refused instructions from the deputy to remove himself from the vehicle for several minutes. The deputies reportedly saw Victor holding an object in his hand, but the object wasn’t identifiable.

“Deputies pleaded with him over the course of several minutes to get out of the vehicle,” Mack said.

Victor reportedly exited the vehicle from the passenger side door and “aggressively” approached the deputies, ignoring commands to get to the ground.  An unidentified deputy who is a 13-year veteran of the department opened fire, hitting Victor with more than one bullet in the abdomen and leg.

Victor was given emergency aid at the scene and rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries Saturday morning.

In the preliminary investigation, Mack says Victor was holding two items in his hand at the time of the shooting.  Despite questions asked by News 5, Mack will not reveal what the items in Victor’s hands were.  “We did recover two items that were in his hand. We’re not going to discuss that at this time.”

The investigation into the accident is being handled by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA). The Baldwin County Major Crimes Unit is conducting the investigation into the shooting while the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office conducts an internal investigation to find out if the deputy used the proper procedures and protocol.  Sheriff Mack says preliminary indications are, he did.

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