Bail Bondsman Tases Defendant Who Owed Him Money

"If you miss court, I'm coming to get ya."

You can run, but you can’t hide!  That’s the message one bail bondsman in Pensacola is sending to clients and he’s backing up those words with action.

Bryan Alexander Hicks was inside the Circle K on the corner of Fairfield Drive and Pace Boulevard, waiting in line to check out.  That’s when Lorenzo Stallworth, Hick’s bondsman, entered the gas station.

“I saw the defendant go in the Circle K,” Stallworth said.  “I went in and apprehended the defendant. He was resisting, and went to reach in his waistband.”

Fearing Hicks could have a weapon on him, Stallworth made a ‘jolting’ decision.

“Hit him with the taser, put him in cuffs,” Stallworth said of what happened next.  “Walked out to the car… he wiggled out of the cuffs, ran on the side of Circle K, hopped the fence tried to get in the car, ran around the car, hit him with the taser again and the deputy pulled up.”

As Hicks ran, he left a trail behind him.  One of the barbs from the taser lay in the dirt, as well as his shattered cell phone.  A convicted felon, with a long list of drug and weapons charges, Stallworth knew letting Hicks slip away wasn’t an option.

“Make sure he don’t get away,” Stallworth said when I asked him what was going through his head when this incident was unfolding.  “I ain’t think he gonna outrun me cause he was running kinda slow. After he jumped the fence and fell, he’s kinda caught after that.”

Stallworth wants to make sure anyone who may be running knows… You can’t hide from Lorenzo.

“If you miss court, I’m coming to get ya,” he said with a chuckle.  “If you don’t pay, I’m coming to get ya.”

Hicks was most recently arrested in January, charged with selling drugs, marijuana possession, and damaging property.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Department tells us Hicks had drugs on him.  They also said he had ammo on him, and as a convicted felon, that’s both a federal and state offense.  Stallworth said the bond amount was between $1,500 and $2,000.

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