“TV Bandit” Arrested in Mobile County

Mugshot of Eric Beard from MCSO.

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

This is a case of neighbors fighting back against crime and winning one. Just about two weeks ago we showed you this video. It was from a home security system. It caught video of a man going through a Chunchula home the morning of May 2nd. The homeowners immediately posted that online. Just a couple of days ago that netted an arrest. Authorities arrested 46-year-old Eric Beard and said he was the man they were looking for. He may also be connected to a number of home break-ins where a suspect smashes a backdoor and comes in and takes a television among other things. Authorities have nicknamed him the “TV Bandit”. The homeowners here say they’re grateful for the arrest and say they did a lot of legwork themselves. They realize, in some cases law enforcement, is just overwhelmed by what they have to handle.

“We need to be able to protect ourselves as well and we need to make and we need to make sure we’re vigilant in following through aiding the Sheriff’s Department and local law enforcement in doing their job,” said homeowner Delana Casler.  She also praises the work law enforcement did in this case.  The homeowners were aggressive in pursuing this.  They helped push the video out there in the world and let led to a flood of tips.  Their motivation was to the point.

“This is my home, this is where we live and this man took it upon himself to come in and take whatever he wanted,” said Casler.  She says she’s worked with other neighbors and showed them how they can protect themselves if someone breaks into their home.  

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