Teen Accused of Sexually Assaulting 11-year-old boy at U.S. Space & Rocket Center

We have thousands of students who attend our Space Camp programs from around the world each year and their safety and security is always top priority. Our security protocols escalate any concerns or issues to chaperones, parents and management.

We followed that protocol Wednesday evening regarding a student on a school trip. When informed of alleged inappropriate conduct by that student, Space Camp management immediately followed protocol that included notifying the chaperones in charge of the school group.  The alleged behavior was isolated to this school group, and it is being handled as an internal situation within the school system.

Space Camp management followed decampment procedures used in cases that require discipline. This was coordinated with the school principal and all the parents involved. No one has been arrested in regard to this allegation, and all the children other than the student who was decamped remained to graduate from Space Camp.


Pat Ammons
Director of Communications


A reported sexual assault is under investigation at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

According to Huntsville Police, around 9 a.m. Thursday, officers were called out to the center to investigate an incident between two boys.

Police say one of the boys,11, accused another boy, 13, of touching his private area inside the dorm room area.

The incident is said to have happened Wednesday night.

Police are not saying much about the incident because the parties involved are juveniles.

The boys are students at Whitwell Middle School in Whitwell, TN, about an hour and a half northeast of Huntsville.

Investigators are following up with the children and their parents.

No arrest were made.


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