Mayor: Council Could Not Agree On Other Fire Chief Recommendations

mayor stimpson and mark sealy

Mark Sealy has served the city of Mobile for over 25 years. Right now, he’s the District Chief of Training and is a decorated United States Marine. His Bachelor’s degree is in Fire Science and has several certifications.

We talked with Mayor Sandy Stimpson at the announcement and we asked him why we haven’t seen a fire chief before now.


Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s pick for new Mobile Fire Rescue Chief was announced this morning.

“Our goals are always going to be the safety of our firefighters, that’s my focus,” says Sealy.

After the ceremony, Mayor Stimpson said something interesting about why we’ve waited so long for a chief.

“What we have not had is an approved chief by the city council. So part of the challenge there was the city council, we didn’t have the number of votes to get confirmation,” says Stimpson.

So we called council members. The only one who was in town and returned our calls was John Williams.

“It’s unfortunate that we could not agree on a fire chief that would not only represent this city, but represent the firefighters and paramedics, the folks that are out there taking care of us,” says Williams.

We asked if he thought the opposition was due to political reasons.

“Oh it’s always political. It’s always political!”

In another story that we aired earlier this month, we asked Mayor Stimpson and Public Safety Director James Barber if the holdup was about diversity among the police and fire leaders.

“That’s speculation and so let’s not talk about the speculation,” says Mayor Stimpson.

“There’s diversity within the top five, diversity within the 13, but what we’re looking for is the absolute best candidate to lead fire forward,” says Barber.

Mark Sealy’s nomination will be on Tuesday’s city council agenda. The council is expected to approve him.

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