Two MPD Officers Earn Award After One Arrest Clears Nine Different Sexual Assaults

Mobile Police Officers Gleen Barton and Corrie Hoium have worked several sexual assault cases throughout their career, but one, in particular, stood out; the case of Gigada Pearson Jr.

In Spring 2016, police discovered a disturbing trend near the cemetery on Holt Road. Three different women reported being sexually assaulted. They all described a man with similar characteristics.  The case went quiet in the months that followed, but in August another woman in a different part of town made a similar report, describing a similar suspect. This time though, police had more than a physical description, the victim managed to get the tag number of the car the suspect was driving, even though it had been previously switched.

For four days Barton and Hoium scoured Facebook, reviewed case files, and followed up on leads until Hoium spotted the vehicle they were looking for and took off after Pearson. Pearson got away, but with the help of Cyber Intel, they tracked him to a nearby hotel where they took him into custody.

Since his arrest, Barton and Hoium were able to clear nine sexual assaults ranging from 2014 to 2016, according to Mobile Police.

Pearson maintains his innocence. His next court date is May 30th.


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