Car crashes listed as top cause of teen deaths

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, vehicle crashes are the top cause of death for teens across the country.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Alabama (MADD) is taking steps to keep teens safe.

Carolyn Tyus is a member of MADD. The mother of four says she joined the organization after her son was hit and killed by a drunk driver almost 9 years ago.

“People get comfortable with drinking and driving or texting and driving,” Tyus said. “They feel like, ‘I’ve been doing this, my house is right there’.”

Tyus is also a coach at Carver High School and says she’s constantly telling young people that safety comes first when driving.

“My biggest thing is them paying attention to their surroundings, being cautious about who’s in the vehicle with you,” Tyus said.

Tyus recommends downloading apps that put a driving mode on your phone to help cut down on distractions.

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