Alabama Legislative Session is Winding Down

The State Capitol building in Montgomery, Ala.

Families dealing with autism will have to hold their breath a little longer to find out if insurance companies will be required to cover autism therapy but Thursday they did get a fighting chance. The republican leader of the senate, Del Marsh says the bill will get to the floor for debate next week.

Thou shall vote on the ten commandments, or at least that is the hope for one senator who is pushing a bill that would allow voters to decide if the biblical rules of life should be displayed in schools and public buildings. It may be a popular issue but with so few days left in the session, it may face an uphill battle.

Lawmakers are also struggling to re-draw district lines, come up with a workable plan to overhaul the state’s prison system, all under the leadership of a new governor while the shadow of the old administration remains under scrutiny and investigation by a special prosecutor with the state Attorney General’s office. “Ellen Brooks will continue to be engaged as long as she thinks she needs to continue to be engaged,” says Attorney General Steve Marshal. “She will ultimately make the decision to say there is nothing else to be done.”

Lawmakers will be back in Montgomery for the final full week next week. The last day of the session is May 22nd.

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