Mobile Family Sells Everything To Travel The World For A Year

Abby Kate (5), Jackson (11), and Tyler Rowland (9) are brushing up on their language skills in preparation for their upcoming family trip around the world.

The kids already know a few keywords in phrases in Japanese.

Months ago, Kathy and Todd Rowland decided they wanted to show their children the world.

“Every time we’ve gone to different countries we’ve said ‘Oh man the kids would love this’ and so to have the opportunity to take them was just exciting,” Kathy said.

At first, the idea sounded crazy but after some thought, the family decided it was possible!

So, they’re selling everything they own, packing their bags and heading out for a year-long trip around the world. And the first stop? Japan!

The Rowlands believe in showing their children the world outside of their own backyard and letting them experience new and different cultures.

“When you travel you see that we are all more alike than we are different. Once you’ve seen other cultures you have a respect for what’s important to other people and what makes them unique,” Kathy said.


To follow the Rowland kids and their parents as they travel around the globe check out their website

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