MCSENT Raids Drug House in Saraland, Arrest Two

SARALAND, AL (WKRG) — Authorities have arrested two people after finding a plethora of drugs in a raid in Saraland.

Jamiqua Trashelle Glass, 40, and Reginald Carlos Pettway, 39, face multiple charges after the Mobile County Street Enforcement Narcotics Team (MCSENT) raided their house on Celeste Road Tuesday night.

Officers say they seized nearly five ounces of crystal meth, over an ounce of powder cocaine, several ounces of marijuana, several dozen prescription narcotic pills, and $18,000 in cash.

Officers say an infant was also discovered in the home where the drugs were being stored.

Glass and Pettway are charged with trafficking methamphetamine, trafficking cocaine, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana first degree, possession of drug paraphernalia and chemical endangerment of a child.

Both are currently being held in Metro Jail without bond pending a hearing.

The investigation into the large-scale illegal drug operation was in collaboration with the Alabama National Guard Counterdrug Program.

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