Escambia County Honors Fallen Officers

Today in Escambia County, officers and families gathered to pay their respects to fallen officers.

A somber ceremony that honored 15 deputies who worked for the agency and were killed in the line of duty.

Each one honored with a rose, placed at the memorial outside the sheriff’s office.

For Shon Small, who lost her father, Don Cook, in the line of duty, being at the ceremony brings back memories.

“He was all around just a great guy, he loved law enforcement, lived for it obviously, and was just an all around deputy,” says Shon Small.

Cook died during a vehicle pursuit after he and other officers set up a roadblock on a December night in 1988.

“Life stopped the day that it happened, we eventually picked up the pieces, and through what they do here at the sheriff’s office, keeping him alive and his memory,” says Small.

“It’s all about our families who are survivors of fallen officers, so while we of course honor the ones who give the ultimate sacrifice, we want to ensure that our families of these officers and our community is reminded of the officers who protect our community every day,” says Sheriff David Morgan.

A flower placed at their names etched in this memorial, and a final salute, thanking them for their service, and making sure we never forget.

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