News 5 Special Report: Help for Drug-Addicted Pregnant Moms

News 5 looks into the struggles of pregnant women who are addicted to drugs. There’s only one program here along the Gulf Coast that takes them in, to ensure their babies are born drug-free. It’s called Hannah House. Hannah House is part of the drug recovery program at the Home of Grace in Eight Mile, Alabama.

Pregnant mom, Ashleigh Long, has been at the Hannah House for six months. Her baby boy is due this summer. She says she couldn’t stop taking Morphine. “I was pregnant, and I couldn’t stop. In addiction, it is not a choice, and you can’t stop. We have a disease.” Jones says she is drug-free, thanks to Hannah House. “I was at a point in my addiction where I didn’t want to live. My life is amazing now. I can’t wait to see what is in store for my future.”

Mom, Caitlin Jones, also shared her story with WKRG. She has been clean for two years. She is living in graduate housing with her one and a half-year-old daughter, Ellen, at the Home of Grace. She came to Hannah House when she was newly pregnant with Ellen. “I realized there was a baby inside me, and I decided to choose life and do right for her.” In the past, she had been addicted to drugs like meth, fentanyl, heroin, and alcohol. Her daughter is now her world, and she is so thankful that Hannah House helped her become drug-free. “It is only through the grace of God and the Home of Grace that I am sober today.”

Mrs. Doris Littleton is the founder of Home of Grace. She says these women are “sick” when they come in. She says the program has had at least 500 babies born drug-free over the last ten years. “Even though they might love that baby, they are still hooked, and that’s why we take them to get them off the drug. We have had over 500 babies born healthy.” Littleton says she would like to have even more women in the program, because hundreds of babies are born every year in Mobile County that are dependent on drugs.

If you would more information about Hannah House visit this link.








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