MPD Examining If Protocol Was Followed after Officer Stabbing

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste says a bulletproof vest likely saved an officer from serious injury or being killed last week when he was stabbed by a suspect.

It happened last Tuesday at Mobile Infirmary hospital. According to police, the officer was checking on a suspect, 23-year-old Danielle Weaver, at the Hospital when the attack happened.

According to court documents, Weaver grabbed a wood grained pocket knife and stabbed officer Matthew Gargan in the stomach.

“It wasn’t a bullet, but it was a knife and the knife was not able to penetrate deep enough to cause any serious injury,” said Battiste.

At this time Battiste said investigators have not determined where Weaver obtained the knife.

“Anytime we have a situation where an officer is injured or anybody is injured we want to look at our policy as it relates to did we do everything we could do to make sure that the person did not have access to a weapon and did we follow our police in regards to searching and making sure the person did not have anything,” said Batiste.

Officer Gargan is back on full duty. Weaver has been charged with Assault in relation to the incident.

Chief Battiste says he hopes the investigation will be complete by the end of the week to determine if protocol was followed.

Danielle Weaver entered a not guilty plea and was set for a preliminary hearing on June 7th.

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