Long Road To NFL for Chris Casher

Several former high school standouts have signed NFL free agent deals in the past week, Chris Casher is one of the them. Chris went to the west coast last week and impressed the Oakland Raiders at Rookie camp,  getting a 3- year deal.

 Chris Casher, Oakland Rookie, “ I always felt like, I knew I had the ability the talent to do it, the mindset, I had to grow up a little bit.”

 While the odds are still long to make it big, Chris has plenty of inspiration to help him get there.

 “Feels good to see guys from Mobile on TV and doing their thing it really is motivation.”

 Casher grew up playing football at Peters Park, It’s long been his dream to play in the NFL.

 “Peters Park is legendary; it’s where legends are made.”

 Sunday, his dream came a reality when the Oakland Raiders offered him a 3-year contract out of rookie camp.

 “And one of the coaches kind of called me to the side told me he liked what he’d seen.”

He joins a long list of locals who enter the NFL as free agents.

 Wallace Gilberry has had a 10-year career, he wasn’t drafted. Neither was Michael Pierce of the Baltimore Ravens. Jacoby Glenn is getting ready for his 3rd season with the Chicago Bears–he has been a practice player and a starter. His advice:

 ““I’m not going to lie, starting was a big adjustment for me,  I never knew I was going to start in the NFL this early,  so me starting on TV and mom see you play everybody proud of you’ve just got to go out and have fun.”

Not many players have taken the route Chris has, he attended two high schools before signing with Florida State, his career was sidelined with a few off the field issues in Tallahassee. An academic problem sent him packing to Faulkner University his senior year. Regrets? Chris has a few, but he’s maturing and learning as his new chapter in life begins.

 Casher, “Early in college I kind of wanted to live the college life outside of football and I had trouble balancing it.”

 Chris played on Florida State’s National Championship team and was a teammate of former Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston. The two are friends, they talked on Sunday when Chris got the word that he was a Raider.

 “He was proud of me we had a good conversation later on that night and he’s happy for me, he’s happy for me”

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