Live Traffic Blog


8:30 AM  Looking at your Monday morning commute, we continue to look good on the Bayway and Causeway without any problems or delays. In central Baldwin County we’ve got an accident on Highway 59 there and just South of Highway 90 in the Loxley area. Expect some delays there.  In Mobile we’ve got a new fender bender on Moffett Road between Shelton Beach Road and Forest Hill Drive.  Mobile Police headed to the scene there.  And an accident there and Highway 45 and Highway 158 just west of Saraland.

7:50 AM  If your schedule takes you on the Bayway or Causeway over the next few minutes, both directions moving along smoothly.  We had an earlier disabled vehicle inside the George Wallace tunnel headed eastbound that has since been cleared so no more delay getting on the Bayway from the Mobile area.  Fender-benders right now at Airport Boulevard in front of Baker High School, also Jeff Hamilton at Dawes and Highway 98 at Rangeline Road. Highway Patrol headed to scene the fender bender at spice Pond Road at Lott Road and on the Eastern Shore County Road 64 about a mile east of Highway 181 in the Daphne area.  And a report of an accident involving two vehicles Highway 45 at Highway 158 just West of Saraland.

7:20 AM  We continue to roll along smoothly with heavy traffic volume crossing both directions of the Bayway. We do have a disabled vehicle blocking the right hand lane near the end of the Eastbound George Wallace tunnel.  We’re starting to see a little delay trying to get into the tunnel and then eventually onto the Bayway headed towards the Eastern Shore. Beyond that, Mobile police on the scene of a couple fender-benders Highway 90 and Rangeline Road, Jeff Hamilton at Dawes Road and use some caution through those school zones.

6:55 AM   If your morning schedule takes you out the door in the next few minutes and you need to take the bayway or Causeway. both directions moving along nicely.  We’ve consistently seen medium to heavy traffic volume this morning but things are moving along well without any problems.  No issues through either of the tunnels as well. In Mobile a new fender bender has occurred Highway 90 at Rangeline Road. Mobile police on the scene there. Highway Patrol headed to the scene of an overturned vehicle there on Highway 45 about two miles north of Chunchula Georgetown Road. No problems though through downtown and we’re looking good along I-65.

6:23 AM  Traffic already off to a busy start on the Bayway and Causeway right now. Both directions flowing along nicely without any problems or major delays. No issues through the Bankhead or George Wallace tunnel. Highway Patrol telling us of an accident; there’s an overturned vehicle on Highway 45 about two miles north of Chunchula-Georgetown Road. Emergency vehicles are headed in the scene there.  Beyond that through the rest of Mobile County we look good, no problems coming down I-65 and Mobile police reporting no accidents they’re covering right now.

5:50 AM   As the sun makes its daily appearance in the Eastern Sky, things are looking good on our roadways. We’re accident and delay free but already a decent amount of traffic volume there crossing the Bayway and Causeway.  No problems right now through either tunnel. In the Mobile area we checked in with Mobile Police and they’re reporting no accidents right now in West Mobile or downtown.  Coming down I-65 we look good, and no problems right now according to the Alabama Highway Patrol as well.

5:30 AM Our first check of traffic here to begin your Monday, if you’re headed out the door early here in the next few minutes things are flowing along nicely. No problems or delays right now crossing the Bayway or Causeway and throughout Baldwin County we’re looking good. Both the Bankhead and George Wallace tunnel moving along smoothly. We checked in with Mobile Police and they are reporting no accidents right now.  No issues coming down I-65, looking good at the I-10 interchange.  It’s a good-looking start for your Monday commute.

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