Ground Broken for Mobile Greenway Initiative

It’s a development a lot of people have an interest in.  And 18 shovels at a groundbreaking are certainly an indication.

The ground was broken for phase one of the Mobile Greenway Initiative.  It will see walking and biking trails along Three Mile Creek along with other amenities.  But it’s the bigger picture of extending those trails on both sides of the creek throughout the city from Langan Park to Mobile Bay that is hoped for.

The initiative was spearheaded by the Mobile County Health Department.  MCHD applied for and received grants of $213,000 and $220,000 to get the ball rolling.

This weekend, Creek Fest is planned at Tricentennial Park as part of the effort to celebrate and promote the initiative. It’s a family fun day with music, food, kayaking, and canoeing.  A cane-pole fishing tournament for kids is also planned.  Creek Fest is from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. this Saturday, May 13th.

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